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Gay Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery
Bradley S024 9RY
Hampshire GB
Tel (01256) 389233
Fax (01256) 389177



Total care for your Cat

As well as the Kennels we have been looking after cats in Hampshire for forty years so rest assured that your cat is in the best of hands. Please don't be worried for nervous cats, the cattery is an island of tranquility compared with the noise of the kennels!! All compartments are heated, with their own run. As with the kennels hygiene at the cattery is of utmost importance, all compartments are thoroughly disinfected between occupations. All accommodation is of a size suitable for single cats or families of cats.

New Modern Cattery

We have recently finished a total refurbishment of the old cattery.
The light, airy feel of the compartments are ideal for your cat in the summer.The double glazed and insulated construction keeps them snug and warm for the winter.
With access to the excercise area and a climbing tree through a cat flap the cats have freedom of choice during their stay


All cats are fed twice a day at the cattery, and more times can be arranged if required, as can administration of any veterinary products. We carry a number of tinned and dry feeds, however if you bring in a special diet we will be happy to feed it.


All cats will be expected to have their annual booster up to date. We recommend but do not insist on Feline Leukemia Vaccination